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Sent from Disneyland

Mar 30, 2020

Two Alice in Wonderland postcards this week to celebrate Unbirthdays. This week we head down the rabbit hole into Fantasyland and Tomorrowland to look at an old Fantasyland shop and Tomorrowland attraction ( America Sings ).

Mar 22, 2020

Chicken Dinner or Tuna Sandwich? Why not both on this week's episode we dive into the history of two Disneyland restaurants. One on Main Street USA and one in Fantasyland.

Mar 15, 2020

The topic this week is Disneyland closures. One postcard sent in the 1960s and a second one in the 1990s marking the first two times Disneyland closed for a specific national and local event.

Mar 7, 2020

Take a spin with this weeks Mad Tea Party postcards. This week we look at the history of the Briar Patch and the "Mad Hatter Tea Party Ride?" 

Mar 2, 2020

Two Tomorrowland postcards this week; one sent in 1957 after the addition of the oldest Disneyland attraction and one sent 10 years later after a night of vaudeville entertainment.